Our Story

2018 will be the 5th year for Growing Investors – and we hope you are ready to celebrate the jubilee with us.

Growing Investors brings together novice and experienced angel investors, accelerators and venture capitalists with interest in the digital/tech industry. Being part of Growing Investors means that you will receive practical, relevant and actionable advise on how to invest in early stage startups.

Growing Investors was founded in 2014 as a partnership between Lasse Chor from Happy42 and Interactive Denmark. Over the years we’ve added Incuba and a lot of other great partners to the network of organisations who work hard to grow the investor community.


Upcoming Events
March 20
DONE: Growing Investors Seminar: Unfolding the Danish Capital Ecosystem

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April 10
Growing Investors Seminar: Investing in Science
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May 3
Growing Investors 2018

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